Hello and welcome, I'm Lena

When I became a first-time homeowner years ago, I kept hearing this phrase, “ A house is never finished”.  Usually accompanied by a sigh or an eye roll. You know, there is always something to be done, fixed, updated, money to be spent, people to hire, messes to clean. And then there is that domino effect of home improvement, one change leads to another, and before you know it, the whole place needs an overhaul.  You are just never done… 

I used to feel that way too: frustrated that my wall color looked dated, annoyed that the carpet was gross, tired of an ugly light fixture.  In my mind, all of those things meant hiring people, spending money and wasting time waiting.  It’s just never done…

But then a few years ago I tried my hand at a small decorating project, and everything changed. 

This is it, the one that started it all.  I bought this hutch on Facebook Marketplace, completely on a whim, having no idea what I was going to do with it.  I dragged it home, took it apart and painted it.  When I put my new piece of furniture back together and placed it in the dining room, I fell in love! Not only with the result, but also with the process. 

After that, the projects I chose to tackle grew in size, scope and difficulty. Some took longer, some didn’t always turn out right away.  Our garage kept getting messier and messier. But one thing remained consistent: my drive to keep at it, to keep trying. 

This is just some of them: the hardwood floors, the board and batten, built-in storage, painted old  furniture. And the one I’m most proud of, for sure, is the dollhouse for my daughter!

Through these projects I discovered the power of bringing an idea to live, the freedom of knowing I can do it on my own, and the satisfaction of being able to say “ I made that!”

I found a creative outlet and a way to feel strong and inspired. 

I learned to embrace the process and to enjoy the progress. 

I found my passion. I found me!

They say a house is never finished.  I say “ I hope not!”