Family Room decor must haves

In any family or playroom, there are several must-have pieces of furniture and decor that can truly elevate the space and make it functional, comfortable, and inviting. In this post, I shared a recent project, helping a client decorate their playroom / family room to account for all the spacial challenges of the space to create the most cohesive look for their growing family. With an intentional placement of furniture and some strategic hard working pieces, we were able to create a room that’s both functional and beautiful, and fully reflects theirs style.

Today, I’m sharing the lessons I’ve learned and which design pieces prove to be the most effective for this multifunctional space.

Start with versatile seating options like a cozy sectional sofa or a set of comfortable bean bags that accommodate both adults and kids during family movie nights or playdates.

Flexible seating is key, as it allows you to adapt the room to various activities and the number of people present. Look for seating with built-in storage, such as ottomans or benches with hidden compartments, to maximize space and keep clutter at bay.

Additionally, multifunctional furniture pieces like a convertible sofa bed or a daybed with trundle can serve as both seating and sleeping solutions for guests or afternoon naps. Consider investing in a combination play table and storage unit, where kids can engage in creative activities and easily stow away their toys afterward.

A large, durable coffee table serves as a centerpiece and a multifunctional surface for various activities, and you can opt for one with additional storage (like the one below) or drawers to keep board games or toys. Storage benches and ottomans are a great addition to offer both extra seating and some storage options. And, of course, lots of baskets to help keep the place tidy.

Don’t forget to incorporate playful wall art, like framed artwork or a gallery wall, to infuse creativity and a sense of fun into the space. Finally, adjustable lighting fixtures and soft throw pillows are the finishing touches that create a warm, cozy atmosphere, making your family or playroom a hub of enjoyment and relaxation for everyone.