Before and after: family room virtual design

I’m so excited to share the final renderings of the family / playroom with you! But first, let’s recap and catch you up on ahow this project came together.

These are the initial photos of the room my client shared with me during our first conversation. As you can see, this space is very large , measuring about 16 1/2′ x 17 1/2′, but it had a few challenges.

First, we had to determine the patterns of travel through the space, and keep those free from furniture. This prevents the room from feeling cluttered and establishes the space where furniture placement would make the most sense.

This sketch shows the paths of travel in red. In this room, the patterns of travel are complicated by two separate entrances into it, as well as two bedrooms located on the opposite sides of the space. This stumped my clients and made them unsure of the best furniture placement. They wanted this space to function as a play room for both kids and adults. They had to have lots of storage for their growing family, but also were hoping to achieve a curated and comfortable look where adults can hang out and entertain. idea here was to keep those paths completely unobstructed. Once we’ve identified the patters of travel in and out of the room, the space for arranging the furniture (“the void” in green) became very clear.

This allowed for the most functional furniture layout. Arranging the furniture in an L-shape, with a sectional couch and two swivel chairs, creates the perfect conversational area. While the couch offers lots of comfortable seating, the swivel chairs provide flexibility, much needed in this space.

After considering several different decor styles, my clients chose this modern cottage look, with grasscloth wallpaper on the accent wall to bring in some interest and texture to the space. We added large bookshelves and a frame TV to this wall to increase functionality and storage.

And this is the final look of the room, with the furniture and all the accents in place!

I added more flexible seating with the upholstered bench behind the couch. It can be tucked under the console table, or pulled up for extra seating for the kids to use while doing crafts, having a snack, while watching TV. As an extra bonus, the bench offers extra storage for toys, pillows and blankets.

By selecting several black pieces of furniture and dispersing them throughout the room, the design feels more coherent and thought out. The black coffee and console tables, as well as the small occasional table between the swivel chairs make the eye travel across the room and feel intentional. Additionally, black accents of the curtain rod and the floor lamp help connect the decor to the black railing, already present in the room.

Having swivel chairs facing the windows makes this space feel complete, but allows for a lot of movement and flexibility. Lots of functional horizontal spaces, like a large coffee table and console table behind the couch are the perfect spots for games, puzzles, and snacks.

In the end, this room feels functional, cozy and inviting, while working very hard as a transitional space for both kids and adults to play, snuggle, grow and make memories together. I love the way this space came together and, most importantly, my client was very happy with the final renderings. As part of the service, they received the mood boards, the floor plan, final renderings of their room, a complete shopping list of all the items used in this design with the measurements, as well as several alternatives for each item, at varying price points, making it extra easy to recreate this look at home!

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