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teen boy's bedroom decor idea with navy plaid rug and upholstered bed
Designing the Perfect Teen Boy's Bedroom: Style, Comfort, and Individuality
The teenage years are a time of transformation, self-expression, and a quest for independence. And what better place to showcase all of that than in a teen boy’s bedroom? Whether your teenage son is into sports, music, gaming, or simply needs a...
Teen bedroom
Virtual design: Teen Boy's Bedroom
Designing a comfortable, functional and attractive space for a young teenage boy can get a little tricky. I got asked to create a design plan for this room by a family who just bought a new house. They have a young teenager and wanted to set up a comfortable...
Cozy seating (1200 × 900 px)
Family Room decor must haves
In any family or playroom, there are several must-have pieces of furniture and decor that can truly elevate the space and make it functional, comfortable, and inviting. In this post, I shared a recent project, helping a client decorate their playroom...
Before and after: family room virtual design
I’m so excited to share the final renderings of the family / playroom with you! But first, let’s recap and catch you up on ahow this project came together. These are the initial photos of the room my client shared with me during our...
modern family room decor idea neutral color palette
Family Room Design: challenges, mood boards and floor plan
Designing a playroom or family room is an exciting task that offers so many opportunities for creativity and functionality. When creating a space for both kids and adults, it is essential to strike a balance between style and practicality. Recently, I...
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