cozy home on a snowy day at dusk
Snow Days Survival Essentials: What You Need to Make It Through That Last Bit of Winter
Turn on your JavaScript to view content Just when we thought we were in the clear, another snow storm hit. Ice, freezing cold temperatures, dark gray skies – we have it all today. Feruary (and March in our area) can get really dreary and gloomy. What felt magical...
Round up of most popular decor items with a rug, table lamp, black rimmed round mirror and a boucle seat
Most loved by you: This week's most popular items
Most popular items for this week
Cozy room decor with gray plaid wallpaper, a side table styled with a marble lamp
Everything you need to make your first wallpaper project a success
Shop this post Turn on your JavaScript to view content Adding wallpaper to a room seems messy and intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be! Follow along for a complete guide and the...
How to create a beautiful little girl's room
Turn on your JavaScript to view content This sweet room has everything for a perfect kid’s space: lots and lots of storage, cozy places to hang out, play, daydream, create and watch the world go by. It has so many cute details, lots of personality and some serious...
How to build the easiest floating shelves
Beginner level DIY project tutorial Floating shelves are such an easy was to add function and flexibility to any space, and they are so versatile. I can see these work in a closet, a pantry, an entryway or an office to display books. They would be perfect the bathroom for small storage or in a kid’s...
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