Latest projects

DIY herringbone desk - popsicle sticks are not just for toddlers!
This DIY was not born out of necessity. There are about twelve million projects around the house that...
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Board and batten diy: do's and don'ts
This is my board and batten wall. There are many like it, but this one is mine 🙂 The internet does not...
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Entryway roundup
I shared before that our entryway took some time to come together. So I thought I’d break down...
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Entryway inspiration
Our entryway has gone through several transformations, none of which have worked too well. Originally,...
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DIY built-in bar
We had this niche in the basement, where the wall follows the outline of the fireplace upstairs. As soon...
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How I built a dining room table - and you can too!
In our old house, the dining space went through several transformations, none of which were too inspiring....
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My story

I believe that we all deserve a home we absolutely love.  And I know that it is completely within our power make it happen. One project at a time, I’ve been working on making our new home beautiful and  functional for our family.  Wether it’s a small decorating decision, or a whole room remodel, there is no grater satisfaction than being able to say: “I built that!”. 

I hope you follow along for more projects, ideas, stories and inspiration. 

They say a house is never finished.  I say: “I hope not!”