Latest projects

Everything you need to make your first wallpaper project a success
Adding wallpaper to a room seems messy and intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be! Follow along...
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How to create a beautiful little girl's room
This sweet room has everything for a perfect kid’s space: lots and lots of storage, cozy places...
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How to build the easiest floating shelves
Beginner level DIY project tutorial Floating shelves are such an easy was to add function and flexibility...
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How to update your powder room: small changes, big impact
It’s so easy to push smaller spaces, like this powder room, to back of your mind and call it “fine...
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Small bathroom design: how to achive that layered look
A powder room can be tricky to figure out. It gets the most foot traffic, since it’s in the main...
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DIY faux brick wall
I’ve always wanted to add an accent brick wall, and the basement seemed like the appropriate stage...
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My story

I believe that we all deserve a home we absolutely love.  And I know that it is completely within our power make it happen. One project at a time, I’ve been working on making our new home beautiful and  functional for our family.  Wether it’s a small decorating decision, or a whole room remodel, there is no grater satisfaction than being able to say: “I built that!”. 

I hope you follow along for more projects, ideas, stories and inspiration. 

They say a house is never finished.  I say: “I hope not!”