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Family Room decor must haves
In any family or playroom, there are several must-have pieces of furniture and decor that can truly elevate...
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Before and after: family room virtual design
I’m so excited to share the final renderings of the family / playroom with you! But first, let’s...
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Family Room Design: challenges, mood boards and floor plan
Designing a playroom or family room is an exciting task that offers so many opportunities for creativity...
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before and virtual after

 Take a look at some of the past virtual room designs. Whether you need help rearranging existing furniture or are thinking of a complete makeover, we can make your space reflect your personal style and needs!

Hello and welcome, I'm lena...

I believe that home decor should be accessible and enjoyable for everyone. This blog is a space where I not only share  DIY projects but also offer a variety of virtual design services.

So, whether you’re here for some easy DIY  ideas or are looking to revamp your home, set up a productive workspace, or give your business a fresh look, you’ll find a wealth of practical tips, creative ideas, and  a range of virtual design services that are tailored to your unique style.

Let’s help you take your interior design dreams to the next level, and turn your vision into a reality, one project at a time!