Snow Days Survival Essentials: What You Need to Make It Through That Last Bit of Winter

cozy home on a snowy day at dusk

Just when we thought we were in the clear, another snow storm hit. Ice, freezing cold temperatures, dark gray skies – we have it all today. Feruary (and March in our area) can get really dreary and gloomy. What felt magical and lovely in December, now just feels like a tired old snow storm and can get down right boring.

Cozy winter image inside the house, snowy outside.
We’ve had this bird feeder for two years, and love it. The kids can’t get enough of the cute bird wars we see outside the window:)

Here’re some of our must haves to get through these cold gray days with kids, without starting to feel cabin-feverish and grumpy.

This cozy blanket has been a family favorite this year. It’s huge, everyone in my family can fit under it at the same time. It is cloud-soft, warm, cozy, and the print is the cutest! It’s just all together perfect. If you take one thing away from this post – it should be this blanket!

Cozy living room with Christmas tree, fireplace and checkered blanket
See all built-in projects in our home here

If you’re in the market for a new cozy blanket, here’s a round up for you at every price. We have this one by Barefoot Dreams (3), and love it as well. It’s a bit smaller than the checkered one, so more of a one person blanket, but so soft and comfy, with a beautiful neutral print.

blanket round up: checkered blanket, Barefoot Dreams, Amazon find blanket
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

The best way to survive cold and gloomy days for me is to make our home feel warm and inviting. I just recently discovered this candle warmer and I’m so in love! It melts the candle, making it last so much longer than burning it, gives off the warmest most charming glow. We have it on a smart plug, and it’s timed to turn off when we go to bed. The house smells amazing, and with no flames it feels safer.

Another must have for me is a frother for oat milk I add to my coffee in the morning. This specific brand of oat milk gets whipped to almost marshmallow-like texture.

Cozy winter Amazon must haves- frother, coffee mug, cozy slippers and socks, candle warmer
Hot chocolate Frother / Candle warmer / Slippers / Favorite candle / Chobani oat milk / Frother / Mug / Favorite Socks

These Amazon socks and slippers are anew find. Both are affordable and so comfortable. My favorite candle, Capri Blue Volcano, is a must! The scent is light and clean, a bit citrusy, and is just a natural pick-me-up.

Favorite board games Tenzi, quiddler, blokus, trivial pursuit, sorry, Sequence

Ok, games, we play a lot of them with the kids to pass the time and to keep off electronics as much as possible. Board games have always been our family’s favorite way to spend time together. What starts out as one game usually turns into a conversation, with lots of laughter and jokes. These are some of our favorites, but our game selections are not very intricate, to be honest. We are still big fans of Sorry and Trivial Pursuit. We have a version of Trivial Pursuit that offers different (easier) questions for kids than adults, so it levels out the playing field and allows our eight year old to play with us and win!

Favorite board games Tenzi, quiddler, blokus, trivial pursuit, sorry, Sequence
Expoding kittens / Sequence / Quidldler / Trivial Pursuit / Blockus / Tenzi

Tenzi is another family favorite. This is the quickest and easiest way to get everyone involved. The rules are simple, so even the youngest of kids can participate. There is really no strategy, just luck, but it’s so much fun and gets so competitive!

I hope this gives you some ideas and inspiration to get you through this last little bit of winter without getting the blues. What are your cozy winter must-haves?

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