Virtual design: Teen Boy’s Bedroom

Designing a comfortable, functional and attractive space for a young teenage boy can get a little tricky. I got asked to create a design plan for this room by a family who just bought a new house. They have a young teenager and wanted to set up a comfortable and welcoming room for him, that would be neutral enough to grow with him.

They shared these before photos, and as you can see, the room is very good-sized room (almost 15’x14′), with plenty of natural light. Their specific requests were to stay away from any theme, and instead focus on creating a good design foundation that can be later layered with hobbies and interests specific to their kid.

The client shared several inspiration photos, which always helps to determine the direction and the general decor style.

Image source

These inspiration images have a lot of contrasting accents, a combination of neutral with pops of brown leather and gray, black and navy colors throughout the rooms.

Image source

I knew they wanted an upholstered bed, light wood tones and were not shy about some pops of orange and blue. We started by laying out the furniture to scale, making sure every element of the design worked well within the constraints of the space.

Visualizing the spacial layout is a great first step in designing a room. It helps in figuring out the appropriate size of every component, making sure every element can fit coherently into the space. We were able to use a queen-sized bed, with a large comfortable chair in the corner, and a dresser to help keep the space organized and neat. Everything, from the size of the rug to the hight of the nightstands gets addressed and evaluated to make the most of the space and create comfort and functionality. This step really eliminates a lot of guessing and estimating when it comes to furniture selection in the future.

The next step was to create a design board that reflected the client’s vision. I used a neutral color pallet, allowing for any of the accents to be layered in to personalize the space in the future. We went with neutrals of beiges and grays, bringing in the contrast with black and navy accents and adding in brown leather details to add depth and dimension the the design.

I made sure to disperse every color throughout the room to make the eye move from one element to another, creating a cohesive and thoughtful feel in this space. We kept the larger pieces within the neutral color scheme, allowing for the accents of black, gray and brown to be sprinkled around the room.

Once the clients were happy with the direction we were going, I created the 3D renderings of the space.

Teenage boy's bedroom decor, neutral color pallet

Nothing helps in visualizing your final project more that seeing it in these realistic images. It takes the guess work and doubt right out of the equation, and leaves you with a feeling of certainty that this is exactly the look you are going to achieve!

Teenage boy's bedroom decor upholstered bed, armchair and floor lamp

Comfort and functionality were a priority in this project – since teenagers spend a lot of time in their bedrooms! We chose a comfortable chair, layered in soft blankets and pillows, and provided ample shelves, drawers, and organizers to keep the room tidy.

Teenage boy's bedroom decor

Proper lighting sets the mood and enhances functionality. We included plenty of task lighting for the study area, and even some fun, decorative lighting options, like this mushroom nightlight on the dresser.

Teenage boy's bedroom decor neutral color pallet

Finally, kept in mind that their teen’s tastes may evolve over the years, and chose furniture and decor that can adapt to his changing style. This way, the room can grow with him and remain a comfortable retreat throughout the teenage years.

In the end, we were able to create a bedroom that not only reflects the personality of the client, but also provides a functional and comfortable space for their son, a place he’ll love spending time and growing up in, that will foster independence and creativity while maintaining a cozy, homey atmosphere.

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