Entryway roundup

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I shared before that our entryway took some time to come together. So I thought I’d break down the elements that go into making this part of the house both functional and pretty. I narrowed it down to the main components and sourced multiple items for each one. Once you figure out what works within the context and space of your house, this formula should make planning a lot easier.

First, we need a rug to ground and define the space. Extra bonus if the rug is washable to be able to take on the heavy foot traffic in the entryway.

  1. I Love the color-way of this washable rug.
  2. This runner would be perfect for a smaller space.
  3. This rug would bring in a lot of different colors – and it’s machine washable too!
  4. I am eyeing this runner for my upstairs hallway, it’s so beautiful.
  5. A more traditional rug in both the colors and the print.

A second must have, at least for us, was a place to sit down and to rest your things. We are lucky enough to have room for a bench with storage, which adds so much functionality here. Whatever your space allows, there are several options that can function as a landing / seating spot.

  1. I own this upholstered bench in a similar print, and it is the most versatile piece of furniture in our house
  2. This is a smaller scale of our storage bench, similar design, similar functionality
  3. A couple of these stools would make it so easy to add seating to any space
  4. Similar idea to the round pouf with a little more shape
  5. I’m trying to work in this bench somewhere in my home, I love it so much!
  6. This is almost identical to our old Pottery Barn bench, and I could not recommend it more!

Next, an entryway can always benefit from a console table. Not only does it add function and storage, but also works as a grounding place for multiple decor items, like lamps, baskets, bowls to catch keys and sunglasses, vases, flowers, plants, photos. This is the place that sets the tone for the rest of your home.

  1. This is a super popular console, and for a good reason!
  2. I love this for a smaller narrower space
  3. This combination of wood and marble looks so clean and polished
  4. Another crowd pleaser – the combination of different textures is just beautiful
  5. One more option for a smaller space
  6. Sleek and modern – this looks familiar!
  7. A more traditional, beautiful console, both timeless and functional

Of course, no entryway would be complete without a mirror. Whether you have room for a full length one, or just a simple wall-mounted one like we did, be mindful of what it reflects. I made a mistake in my first attempt to decorate this room of having the mirror opposite a blank wall with a door bell box on it. Every time I looked or photographed that space, it looked like I framed the silly little doorbell.

  1. Love the soft curves of this one
  2. This mirror would add so much character to you space
  3. This one has all the drama!
  4. This one is in my cart right now for our side entrance, love a full length mirror!
  5. The exact copy of our mirror, 30″ diameter, timeless and simple design, you can’t go wrong
  6. Love the woven texture of this one!

And lastly, the finishing touches: bowls, vases, baskets for catching all the little things, lamps and candleholders. This is where you bring in your personality: lean a picture against the wall or throw some flowers from your backyard into a vase. Maybe it’s your favorite candle or a whimsical artifact you picked up on vacation.

  1. A vase with some branches to add life to any space
  2. A set of beautiful candleholders
  3. Some pillows (1,2,3) to add texture and color
  4. Some pretty bowls (just bought this marble one) to catch your keys and sunglass
  5. A little bit of contrast
  6. And some texture and function with baskets

So now that you have all the elements in place, it’s just plug and play! Decide how you and your family uses the space, then figure out what you have the room for, and just like that – you have a beautiful, functional and unique front entry!

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