Entryway inspiration

Our entryway has gone through several transformations, none of which have worked too well.

Originally, we had this console table I built along with some poufs and a mirror. It looked good, but was not all that functional: the poufs were hard to sit on, the rug kept getting in the way and we had no “landing zone” at the entryway, no place to put down bags and backpacks when we come into the house.

After several attempts at reorganizing this space, I finally figured out that before rearranging the furniture, I had to create a list of “must haves” to make the planning process easier. This is what this list looked like for us: functionally the entryway must have comfortable seating, and lots of storage – vertical, horizontal, hooks, drawers, all the things; aesthetically I wanted it to feel inviting, welcoming and easy, non-fussy.

Once I had my list of priorities figured out, I realized that the best fit for the space was this old Pottery Barn bench we had sitting in out laundry room.

I am not sure what took me this long to realize that it was the perfect fit for the space. If provides plenty of seating and storage, and does not fight with the rug!

Now that I had that puzzle figured out, I needed some inspiration for the big blank walls that surround it. I decided I could make the walls look a bit more interesting by adding some wall treatment to it: paneling or board and batten. It would also add another functional element if I can have hooks on the wall for purses, bags, hats, etc.

The opposite wall needed some love as well, so I decided to move the mirror to that side and add a smaller console table to go with it.

Here are some of the inspiration images, colors and finishes that got me excited about getting started.

And here are some additional images to help zero in on my vision for this space.

I love all the textiles in this entryway. This is giving me an idea to add a cushion to my bench (maybe I could even DIY it?).

Image source

How beautiful is this pink paneling?! I love the hooks and the art on the ledge!

Image source

Speaking of the art on the ledge, how lovely is this display?! Everything about this is perfect: the colors, the framed images, those hooks, just lovely!

Image source

This console is styled without a lamp, and I am not missing it at all! This will probably have to be the case for our entryway as well, since we don’t have an outlet for a light in that spot.

Image source

Getting these images together gave me such a strong foundation and a sense of direction for this project. Now instead of playing musical chairs with my furniture, I have a destination and a plan of getting there. Can’t wait to see it all come together!

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